Collaborative Case Management

Case Management enables you to create advanced case management solutions that integrate people, business processes, and information. Case management requires business users to collaborate on a particular case, a virtual folder of all related content.

Traditionally used in social services, healthcare, banking, insurance, and legal environments, case management is a pattern of work that is rapidly expanding into many other industries as organizations recognize that it can be used to make information easily accessible, up-to-date, quickly tracked, and more manageable in the context of business processes.

Forefront Technologies is one of the charter members of EMC's xCP partner program and is actively participating in the development of EMC's next generation of xCP-based solutions.

Case Management Consulting

Forefront Technologies has been building custom Documentum-based solutions for clients around the world for over a decade. Our long-term partnership with EMC makes us one of the strongest Enterprise Content Management (ECM) service providers today.

Forefront has a long and distinguished relationship with EMC-Documentum. Since our beginning in 1998, we have partnered with EMC to help our clients harness the power and capabilities of the Documentum platform. Forefront is an EMC Software Group Partner, original member of the EMC Select Services Team Partner (SST) Program, and EnergyDox, our flagship product, is "Designed for EMC" certified.