Custom Design

Mobile Internet is a continually booming platform, with Google reporting a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices, compared to this time last year.

Much like you website, trying to organize and deliver large amounts information on a small device introduces many challenges. Don't risk losing your audience because your visitors can't decipher your website on a mobile phone or device. Mobile users need a quick way to browse your information and services, an easy way to contact you and to know where to go for the information they need. An optimized mobile application or website presents essential information quickly, with the hassle.

Custom Development

Our team of experienced developers, designers, project managers and marketing experts have been building custom mobile applications and websites for all types of Public Sector Agencies. Some common Mobile applications include:

  • Interactive tours, maps and guides
  • Interactive educational games
  • Mobile data collection
    • Site visits and audits
    • Work orders and service requests
    • Delivery and receipt acknowledgement
    • Site and equipment inspections
    • Quality assurance checks
    • Licensing and certifications
    • Registration and signups
    • Violations and citations
    • Scanning and inventory
    • Case data collection (photos, forms, AV, etc.)
  • Calendar and events management
  • Contacts and directories for services
  • Remote approvals and signatures
  • Training material
  • Code books, laws and manual delivery
  • Field payment collections