Energy - Nuclear: Commercial Uranium Enrichment Facility

Forefront provided enterprise Document Management solutions for an international Uranium Enrichment organization. The nuclear power industry is a highly regulated environment and requires strict adherence and consistent use documents and controls. Providing a single platform to manage the creation, publishing and use of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Engineering Drawings, Controlled Documents and Transmittals help to ensure safe and continuous operation of the facilities.

Energy – Oil and Gas: Commercial Oil Refinery

Oil refineries are complex facilities with strict regulatory, maintenance and safety needs. Forefront provided a core Engineering Drawing and Plant Records management solution to track the creation, publishing and use of plant drawings, manuals and procedures. The solution is integrated with their corporate asset management and work order management systems to provide a cohesive solution for managing plant records and equipment maintenance.

Energy – Nuclear: Commercial Nuclear Power

Forefront worked with a large commercial Nuclear energy provider to provide enterprise level Document and Records management solutions to manage Engineering Drawings, Plant Records and Classified Nuclear Records. Enterprise level tools were deployed to both the classified and unclassified networks to assist the creation, approval, publishing and long term storage and retention of critical plant and compliance documents.

Energy – Utility: Commercial Utility Management

Forefront worked with a Commercial Utility Management organization to provide an enterprise level platform for the management of Documents and formal records across the organization. Some first solutions deployed include the management of Human Resources (HR) Records and management of Federal NERC Compliance Records.

Energy – Engineering: Oil & Gas Engineering/Pipeline Management

A large Oil and Gas Engineering/Pipeline Management Firm needed a better way to manage their Engineering Drawings, Projects and Communications with Clients. Adopting and Enterprise level platform helped them build a new Engineering Drawing Management, Facility Management and Transmittal Solution to better manage the creation or drawings, change control process, publishing and client transmittals of plant and facility documents and drawings.