EnergyDox Custom Departmental Application framework helps you Rapidly Deliver custom Content Management and Document Management Applications for your departments. Many agencies have Business Applications in use today that are labor intensive or utilize the wrong platforms to track and manage information. EnergyDox enterprise solutions help you get data into standardized and centralized platform and replaces ad-hoc repositories such as :

  • Email Folders
  • Lotus Notes
  • Network Folders
  • Excel Spreadsheets
  • Access Databases

These are systematic business processes and are usually at the business unit level. Information needs to be routed and managed to get the job done, but an acceptable and affordable platform is not available. With EnergyDox, these processes can be automated and allow you to utilize EMC Documentum across the enterprise to:

  • Provide more functionality in a shorter timeframe
  • Improve end user adoption
  • Accelerate project implementation
  • Save time and money on extensive Professional Services
  • Make upgrades easier
  • Enables fast prototyping

With EnergyDox you can rapidly build and deploy custom departmental applications with all of the features and benefits of our Out of the Box solutions. Everything is configurable, meaning no custom coding required. Standard features Include:

  • Departmental Command Dashboards
  • Quick Searches , Custom Views & Graphical Reports
  • Embedded document viewers
  • Automation & Intelligence: including filing, naming, security, retention, etc.
  • Email Approvals & Notifications (Android, Blackberry, iPhone, etc.)
  • Business Process Automation
  • Mobile Integration (iPad/Windows 8)

The powerful combination of EnergyDox and EMC Documentum provides highly configurable and flexible custom solutions, based on your business rules that simplify the user experience for your team.