EnergyDox® is an innovative suite of Documentum based solutions geared toward the engineering, energy, and utility sector. Our application layer, built on top of the award winning EMC Documentum system, is easily configured to created powerful business specific Solutions based on your business rules. EnergyDox is the Smart Choice for Document Management Solutions.

Business Challenges

  • Tailoring Documentum to do what your departments need takes lots of time and money
  • Custom developed Documentum Applications are costly to maintain, upgrade and support
  • Your end-users need a solutions now, they do not want to wait
  • Management has placed a greater emphasis on COTS solutions (versus custom)
  • Any system has to be easy to use and helpful to end users

EnergyDox Helps

  • Save Time and Money (build apps 90% faster)
  • Increase ROI by shortening development projects
  • Simplify the end-user experience
  • Reduce risk & make upgrading easier
  • Build Proof of Concept Solutions quickly
  • Document Automation out-of-the-box

Automatically file documents in the correct folder.

Automatically generate folder hiearchies based on predetermined, configurable rules.

Ensure consistent naming, sequencing and uniqueness standards are enforced.

Automatically populate document attributes for accuracy and efficiency.

Ensure the correct and approved templates are used for new content.

Lifecycle, workflow and revision control out-of-the-box.

  • Integrated Revision Control
  • Linear & Non-Linear Life Cycles
  • Custom Business Logic Support
  • Automated Workflow Initiation
  • Configurable Event-Driven Notifications

Additional Features

  • Configurable Solution Dashboards
  • Document & User Specific Views & Reports
  • Pinpoint Documents - Advanced Attribute Search
  • Enhanced Document Audit Trail & History
  • Integrated Redline & Markup Capabilities
  • Leverage Solution Templates to further fast-track your build
  • Integrated with Advanced Documentum Features