EnergyDox Hosted solutions offer all the benefits of our on-premises solutions plus the added advantages of:

  • No software or hardware installation and maintenance – With the based infrastructure and software solutions in place, setup is reduced to simply customizing your site
  • Shorter deployment time - potentially days as opposed to a phased implementation that could take months
  • Global availability – Offering functionality that is available from anywhere but still completely secure
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) adherence – Infrastructure and applications designed to be available… system maintenance is virtually invisible to your enterprise.
  • Constant, Smaller, Upgrades - when you use our SaaS applications, we keep out environments current and constantly improving the application experience. Through consistent minuscule improvements that add up over time we are able to keep the latest technologies available instead of major periodic upgrades that cost you time, money and system availability to implement.
  • Ease Your Internal IT Pains - SaaS offloads a great deal of IT pains incurred by software consumers in the traditional client/server model. This leaves IT personnel to focus on improving the day-to-day technical operations of your company instead of being called upon to troubleshoot 3rd party software or maintain aging infrastructure.
  • Redistribute IT Budget - by outsourcing software functionality to a provider, the enterprise realizes a cost savings in infrastructure requirements and IT personnel specialized knowledge requirements. This allows the enterprise to focus on core competencies. It also means that the cost savings from using SaaS applications can be flat out saved, or reallocated to boost productivity through other services.
  • Scalability – SaaS platforms offer your enterprise scalability options while only paying for the resources you use.