EnergyDox Engineering Solution will help you manage all of your CAD files, drawings, technical specifications, plans, project files and other engineering related documents.

If you work as an architect, engineer or in the construction field, ensuring you are working the correct document versions is critical. Manage your review, revision, change and other processes with a powerful workflow engine. Publish and distribute documents to engineers, contractors, vendors and others with an integrated transmittal solution for packaging and sending revised packages.

Replace Shared Drives - One common issue when using a web-based project repository is that it is a separate information silo where content gets duplicated, assuming that users remember to use it. Very often the most current version sits on someone’s PC or lost on a network share. One misplaced file can account for hour or days of lost productivity. Imaging being able to control how documents are filed, named, secured, indexed and used. Also imagine being able to provide quick search (both on metadata and "full text" file contents), version control, access permissions, check-out/check-in, digital signatures, audit trails and more.


  • Improved efficiency that comes from consolidating documentation from multiple subcontractors in a single central repository
  • Improved quality and shorter cycle times with built-in version control and audit trail features
  • Transmittal Solution to distribute documents and ensure parties use the same, correct version of information
  • Intuitive user interface promotes use and collaboration on projects
  • Flexible deployment options including cloud or on-premise solutions
  • Integrate with AutoCAD to offer support for xrefs, searching within DWG files
  • Capture changes, approvals and digital signatures

The powerful combination of EnergyDox and EMC Documentum provides a highly configurable and flexible Engineering Management solution, based on your business rules, that simplifies the user experience for your team.